GeoLite Files

In this section, you can find the various open source IP location databases and associated files that are available for download. The databases will be available in two data formats and are updated roughly at the beginning of each month. Please select from the left hand navigation menu to download the associated open source IP location database.

Binary Format:
The data within the binary format is not humanly readable since the entries are represented by 0s and 1s. It is based on a custom database that utilizes a binary tree index. To use the binary format, you will need to use an Application Programming Interface (API), available in different programming languages, which essentially accesses and converts the binary data into readable plain text. The binary format is the recommended format to use since the size of the database is much smaller while performance is faster, more reliable, and less CPU intensive. In addition, updating to new databases is easier because it is simply a drop-in replacement task.

CSV Format:
The data within the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format is humanly readable since the entries are each separated by a comma. It is essentially one large text file. The CSV format can be imported into any SQL type database.  The large file and slower performance of the CSV format is offset by the compatibility with different database formats and the ability to introduce new fields into the combined SQL database. The following is an example of what the data within the CSV files looks like:

"","","68527296","68590601","US","United States"
"","","68590602","68590602","A1","Anonymous Proxy"
"","","68590603","68601087","US","United States"

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